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Types of Stand Up Paddleboards

What type of Stand Up Paddleboard should  you get? 

The paddleboard industry has 3 classifications for paddleboards

  2. SURF
Bic Sprot ACE-TEC all around stand up paddleboard
Bic Sport ACE-TEC All Around Stand Up Paddleboard

All Around SUP – About 75%  of all stand up paddleboards sold are All Around boards. All Around boards are designed for balance, ease of use, versatility, and come in many different materials and price ranges. All Around boards are usually around 30″ – 34″ wide for stability, 9′ to 12′ long for flotation, and have a slightly turned up nose to ride up and over the waves.


Boardworks Raven touring racing stand up paddleboard
Boardworks Raven Touring / Racing Stand Up Paddleboard

Touring / Racing SUP -  After you have paddleboarded for a while, you may want more of a challenge, enter a race, or want more speed. Touring boards look a little different than All Around boards and normally have a pointed nose, are longer 11″ to 17″, and average only 24″ – 30″ in width. Being narrower allows the board to slice through the water and waves easier but a narrower board is more difficult to balance on if you are learning.

Surf SUP are designed for ocean use and can be used for surfing waves. They tend to have more rocker and are not as stable as all around boards.

Paddleboard Construction -

Stand Up Paddleboard Construction

Paddleboards are made of many layers of various materials depending on it’s specific use, stability, weight capacity and durability.

The big reason why you see so many prices on paddleboards.

 Plastic Boards - These boards normally are made liked a little kid’s cheap toy. While the price may be affordable, these boards are normally hollow, offer no deck pads and are very unstable.

Inflatable Boards - The inflatable is durable, transports the easiest, is easy to repair and has a soft deck. Just make sure to get a military grade rubber or it won’t be durable and will be hard to stand on.

Soft Boards - We’re talking about the bottom and deck being soft, the core is stiff. This board offers good performance with the advantage of a full soft deck. Great for kids to play on or doing yoga.

Hard Boards - HARD BOARDS offer the best in performance. They are stiff which allow the boards to plane over the water better than other constructions. HARD BOARDS have many different constructions but as a rule, the more expensive the board costs, the stiffer and lighter it is which makes it perform better and is easier to lift, plane and transport.

Does length matter?

Many SUP’s come in different lengths. A general rule is the more weight you have on the board, the longer the board you need. Keep in mind, other people may be using the board. If you are the only person using the board, then the proper length gives you the correct flotation while being easy to manuveuer. Keep in mind, if between sizes, it’s best to choose a longer length.

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