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SUP’n on a Retention Pond

It rained so much in the Chicago area June 28, 2013 that the retention area behind our shop filled up deep enough for Sean and Rick to go paddleboarding. The retention area is about 5 acres and normally has no water.  But when 3-4 inches of rain came down, it filled the rention pond with as much as 4 feet in some areas. The most water we ever saw in the rention area. So we had to go.

Rick said it was like going paddleboarding in the Bayou or Everglades. “We were going between trees, over bushes and evergreens. Felt like we were in a jungle at times. It was pretty amazing to go somewhere that didn’t exist the day before.” 

Paddle boards can be used for getting around in depths of water as low as 12 inches or less if you take the fin off.

paddle boarding on a retention pond

Sean SUP’s on Trinity Commons retention pond June 28, 2013



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